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360° Product Retouch

360 images are a fantastic way to take your eCommerce sales to the next level. However, it takes time to produce these for your products on a large scale and with great quality. The best and most effective answer for this is computer-generated 3D models.

If you want to employ CGI to produce 360-degree content for all of your products, Global Clipping Path can make it happen. Using the most recent technologies, our editors are able to produce a lot of high-quality photographs every day.

360° Ghost Mannequin Retouch

Get Premium Quality 360° Ghost Mannequin Retouching with a very Reasonable Budget – According to your required timeframe .

Consumers look for products constantly and only choose to buy them if they have attractive images. The ghost mannequin effect in 3D/360 packshots gives customers a very appealing impression of the product. Both static and dynamic product images can be worked on by our skilled hands. This assists us in highlighting the key component of the 3D/360 packshot ghost mannequin effect.

Benefits of 360° product photography

One of the greatest drawbacks of online shopping is that consumers can not see, touch, and feel the products for real. For this reason, having 360° product photography videos on an eCommerce site has an outstanding advantage over still photography.

Better shopping experience and more information
When products are presented with still images, customers can not get the touch and feel experience associated with in-store shopping. But 360° product videos allow the buyers to interact and engage with the products. They can zoom in on the products for more details and quality inspection. They can also rotate in different angles, click and drag the products as they wish until they are completely satisfied. This way customers can have a better shopping experience and fetch more information about the products.

Less number of returns for the products with 360° product photography
Roughly, 30% of all the products bought online are returned for some reason. The main reasons for this are- the received product looks different from the ordered one, receiving wrong items, etc.

Watching 360° product videos, the customer gets more detailed exposure of the product and as a result, gain more confidence during the buying process. So, chances for returning the product get significantly reduced.

Differentiate yourself from the competition
When you are selling products online, competition might be stiff as there can be thousands of other sellers selling similar products. Using 360° product photography can be an innovative way to grab the attention of the customers and make your brand stand out from the crowd. Showing the product details from different angles helps satisfy customer satisfaction, increases the buyers’ trust and confidence.

Increased conversion rate
Adding 360° product photography can dramatically increase the conversion rate of an eCommerce product. Potential customers get more information, engage and spend more time with the product, and gain more assurance about the quality of the product. And, the more the customers get involved with the product page the more is the likelihood of sales conversion.

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We provide the best premium output through our editing. So you will get pixel-perfect quality for every image.

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