Frequently Ask Questions

Do you have any non-disclosure or confidentiality policies in place?

Obviously we have an own confidential policy. And also the policies depend on our clients need.

Are my images secured with you?

Yes, 100%. All of our personnel are signed on a non-disclosure bond that they will not take any image out of the workplace and not use or sell in any situation. Our equipment's are also protected by firewall for both inbound and outbound security and we have the latest anti-virus protection in all computers.

What is your payment term?

You don't need to pay before your job is finished. You pay once you receive the completed images and are happy with the quality.

How do I pay you?

Once a batch of work is completed, we send you an invoice which contains all the details.  We accept payment through PayPal so you can pay with your PayPal account, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa etc. And you can also make the payment through bank or wire transfer.

Can I pay weekly or monthly for your service?

Yes, if you send us regular work, we don't ask you to pay on every job, instead you can pay weekly or monthly. In that case we maintain just one invoice with all the different job details. Each time you place an order, we make an entry to the invoice with all it's details including date, batch number, quantity, job description, price etc. So when you make a payment, you can take a look at the invoice to see if everything is ok.

How do you provide that low cost services?

Working from low labor cost region Bangladesh, where we consist a group of highly skilled DTP professionals, we are able to offer that much lower cost than our competitors. Our professionals can also work very fast while still maintaining the top quality possible.

How do you guarantee 100% quality in your work?

Yes, we can give you the guarantee that you will get best quality than any other service provider in the world. At Global Clipping Path are specially trained in the field they are working on and have several years of work experience. Moreover, we check all images for three times before sending to the client. We always look to build long time relationship with our customers so we try our best to provide as best quality work and service as possible.

What file type can I send you?

You can send us any type of file, whether it is JPG, TIFF, PSD, EPS, DNG, NEFF etc. However, to save your uploading time as well as ours, it is recommended that you send JPG files if it is ok with your end requirement. But of-course it is up to you which format you would prefer.

Will my images be used for commercial purposes?

Absolutely not, we are committed to our clients that we will not sell or share any images without their consent, except the trial work that we normally use into our website as for work sample. But you can also stop that by sending us an email.

Do you have any minimum order condition?

No, you can send any amount of image you want. We always appreciate your business and try our best to provide as easy and flexible service as possible.

What is your turnaround time?

Our standard turnaround time is 24 hours. But we also appreciate our client's urgency, so if you have any urgent job, just let us know and we will put high priority on that to finish ASAP without any extra fees. Also, the turnaround time depends on the volume and complexity of the job.

What are your working hours?

Our production and support team works 24/7 and 365 days a year.

Can I apply for free trial work?

Yes, we provide trial work for absolutely FREE to the new clients to allow them judge our quality before deciding to place order. However, we offer no payment required before your job is finished so there is no risk from your side. You pay only when you receive the completed images and are happy with the quality.

How can I receive a quotation and within how long?

Please look at the top menu for Contact Us, use that link and also use that form to send a quote request.  Also you can send us directly by an email to [email protected] for a quotation. We understand the value of your time so we have decided to supply all quotations within 45 minutes. No matter what time it is, because our team works 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. 

Do you provide FTP server?

Yes, we provide FTP server for easily transfer, we have our own highly configured dedicated server with unlimited space. Just send a request for an FTP account and we will create it for you within an hour. 

What highest file size do you accept?

No limitation on the file size. You can upload as large file as you need. 

How do I send and receive my images?

We have tried our best to setup an easy and flexible upload/ download method possible. You can send and receive your images many different ways.


  Email: You can send your images by email if it is only a few and within your email attachment allowance limit (usually 10MB).


  FTP account: If you are familiar with FTP, just send a request for an FTP account and we will create it for you and send you login details within one hour. You can also use your own FTP account if you have any. In such case simply let us know your login details and we will collect your images automatically.


  We transfer: 2GB limit,


  Dropbox: 2GB limit,


  Filemail: 5GB limit,

What happens if I find problem with any completed image?

At Global Clipping Path, we deal with your images very carefully with highly skilled DTP professionals and we do not expect this to happen. However, in the unfortunate event just drop us an email and we take that very seriously to redo as soon as possible. Obviously redo a job is absolutely FREE cost.

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