Global Clipping Path is a reputated Photo Editing service provider that provides smooth, efficient, and high-quality image editing solutions at competitive prices. Quality is what we value more than cost. When it comes to any picture editing services, we never provide lower standards or quality.

Clipping Path Services

Clipping path service is a photo editing process that helps to create paths around any object and select it to isolate it from the background.

While removing the background or isolating an image from the background, one thing that will give you a tough time is getting the edges accurately. Photo clipping service ensures the accuracy of the edges while cutting out pictures from its background. Clipping Path services also include:

  • Silo or Deep Etch
  • Multiple Clipping Path
  • Background Removing

Image Masking Services

The backdrop can be easily removed from an image when the edges are crystal clear. But the conventional clipping path service will come up short when the borders are hazy or imprecise, like the edges of the model’s hair, a jacket’s fur, or a pet’s wool. Therefore, picture masking services are a good fit for these edges. The greatest option to clipping path services for background removal with fuzzy edges is Photoshop masking. Masking services are also called:

  • Soft Mask
  • Layer Mask
  • Alpha Mask
  • Channel Mask
  • Transparency Mask

Ecommerce Photo Retouching Services

Ecommerce Photo retouching services seem to be the key component when it comes to efficient marketing for eCommerce. If you want to take your product sales to the next level you must need to retouch your photos by a professional hand. Utilizing the marketing plan, you must be more effective. Furthermore, you can get that premium-quality image editing from our skilled editors right now. Get this professional service to lead your business to a higher level. And the bottom line is online products without well-produced, high-quality visual representations will not be purchased by the new generation of consumers today.

  • Clipping Path
  • Background Remove
  • Adding Shadow
  • Enhancing Product
  • Cropping and Resizing
  • Perfecting Product Color

Ghost Mannequin Effect

The ideal way to display your clothes products is by using the ghost mannequin retouching service, which enhances the product photos. The sellers will thus be able to turn a larger profit than they did with the models. Modeling and having people pose in fashionable ways is an age-old marketing tactic used to make the clothes product photographs look spectacular. However, the prices and maintenance costs for the models frequently approach the sky. 

  • Neck Joint
  • Bottom Joint on Ghost Mannequin
  • Sleeves Joint on Ghost Mannequin
  • 3D or 360° Ghost Mannequin Retouch

Shadow Creation Services

Shadow effect in Photoshop is a contemporary editing method. Editors use shadow to produce realistic images. Use this method if you need to take a professional photo. A non-destructive photo altering method is shadow service. Shadows enable innovative editing techniques. For the purpose of creating distinctive and beautiful-looking photos, we employ the shadow effect. However, this service is available for all kinds of photos. In image editing, shadow seems to work like magic. It greatly improves accessibility to the procedures. You won’t have to be concerned about the picture once you master this technique. Image shadow is a useful tool for retouching photos of models or products.
  • Drop Shadow

  • Original or Natural Shadow

  • Mirror or Reflection Shadow

Photo Retouching

If you are aiming for a high-level market, photo retouching service is the best way of digital marketing. No matter how skilled a photographer is, it’s difficult to get your image perfect straight out of the camera. or if you prefer. You can receive subpar lighting or an overall subpar product. In addition to this, your model may occasionally develop overnight pimples or acne scars that you are unable to prevent or remove while shooting. We create images that convey a thousand words through silence, who highlight them professionally. For photographs that have the potential to greatly influence a consumer’s purchasing perception, our professional photo editing services for photographers and others provide outstanding retouching.

  • Improve skin tone
  • Remove blemishes and spots
  • Fix framing and lighting issues

360° Product Retouch

360 images are a fantastic way to take your eCommerce sales to the next level. However, it takes time to produce these for your products on a large scale and with great quality. The best and most effective answer for this is computer-generated 3D models.

If you want to employ CGI to produce 360-degree content for all of your products, Global Clipping Path can make it happen. Using the most recent technologies, our editors are able to produce a lot of high-quality photographs every day.

Jewelry Retouching

Let our jewelry retouchers enhance not only the design of your pieces but also the shine and sparkle of the gemstones. Good photography, along with our superb jewelry retouching services, makes the jewelry pieces stand out in stunning detail and drama.

  • Color Correction
  •  Dust & Scratch Removing
  • Unwanted Object Removing
  • Shadowing & Background Removing

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